About us

The Anti-Corruption Research Center [Le Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption] was created in response to the growing need for independent research on corruption and quality of governance. Hence, the Center was established as an independant non-governemental organisation. It is financed by grants from foundations, research funds and the Center also conducts corruption risk assessment in NGO and public and privates companies at demand.

We work in collaboration with multiple actors – including civil society, state actors and the academia – to bring about a Congo in which empowered citizens participate in fighting corruption and promote open and inclusive institutions.

Our aim:

Our aim is to systematically explore the causes, characteristics, and consequences of the quality of governance, problems of corruption, and regulatory failures using an inter-disciplinary approach. In addition, the Center also aims to help citizens to hold governments accountable through the use of robust evidence.

Our unique research approach combines qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse micro-level actor behaviour and it generates novel hard data on the phenomena under scrutiny. Making research findings accessible to the wider public and developing effective policy solutions is integral to our work. We believe that it is only through understanding and precisely measuring government activities we can build the good government.

We are convinced that corruption can only be effectively prevented and dealt with if governments, public and private sector organisations implement anti-corruption management controls as a necessary and core part of their day-to-day management.

The Center aspires to become an important think tank on anti-corruption policies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo..

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