Municipal Transparency Index

Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption (CERC) in collaboration with the Dynamic OpenGov Technologies SL (DYNTRA) have developed an online Municipalities Transparency Index that aims to measure in real time the transparency level of the 191 municipalities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in a dynamic, efficient, transparent, open and collaborative way.

To set up the Index in French and other local languages, CERC worked  with experts in the field of Political Science, Law, Transparency and Open Government. The Index has created looking at the national legal framework, the international open government standards and the citizen’s demands.

Take a look to the Kinshasa Transparency Index within Dyntra’s Platform evaluated by CERC. DMDRC –  Platfrom.

What is Dyntra?”

Dyntra is a collaborative platform that aims to measure the public information from governments, public authorities, political parties, elected representatives and the various stakeholders in collaborative way.

Management is done by the technology platform during an open assessment of the level of compliance, with respect to the standards reflected in the index that ranks each type of public body

What for?”

Informed citizenship

The initiative aims to open the information to the public and civil society to the new challenges posed by the current information society, using in an efficient manner the new technologies and applied knowledge to the field of political science and the Open Government.

Connected public administration to public

This administration can be managed from the organisationcitizens or organisations having an interest about complying the transparency level of entities and reflect at the same it’s levels of commitment.

Non-partisane and objective

Dyntra is a tool based on public data managed by a expert committed community in the implementation of participatory models, measurement and analysis of public bodies.

How to explore DRC Transparency Data ?”

Click to the icon to entering into the platform


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