What We do

Anti-Corruption and Accountability : We track corruption trends in the Democratic Republic of the Congo using research teams made up of academics and journalists, and use the evidence we generate to shape social accountability policies and practices in governements and in public and private institutions. We help communities solve complex issues related to corruption and public integrity. 

Education and health sector sectors : We mobilise youth with innovations in technology to monitor and demand accountability from project implementers and service providers. Corruption impedes development, education, health sector including responses to Covid19, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and others diseases; information, problem solving and transparency reduces its risk.  We facilitate self-advocacy and a constructive dialogue between governments, services providers and beneficiaries…

CERC’s actions are based on youth participation.

Our programs help citizens participate in the planning and monitoring of projects funded by government and international agencies in their communities. We believe that their involvement in this process is crucial to prevent corruption and mismanagement.

Our programs encourage dialogue between citizens and their governments. Citizens and service providers generally share a common goal: to improve the quality of public services. Greater citizen participation also means more public scrutiny and less opportunity for corruption.

Community Feedback Mechanism. Most of our programs use technological tools to enable citizens and service users to share their findings with service providers, involving a range of instruments, including DevelopmentCheck and FieldApp.

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