“We have made significant strides in the field of anti-corruption” Heri Bitamala

Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in corrupt behavior in all public sectors. Media, on national scale is saturated with stories of corruption involving leaders from government, the private sector and civil society. We have witnessed an increase of corruption cases in the mining sector, as well as the continuing threat against those who are brave enough to denounce corruption. In our country, we have also observed how the abuse of power and the misappropriation of public funds can jeopardize development and democracy. It is for this reason that we have realized the need for our organization to become a voice for voiceless.

When we opened our doors 2 years ago, we knew that the task ahead would not be an easy one- but with the dedication and commitment of our small team, as well as the support we received from the donors, media and select groups within the public and private sector, we have made significant strides in the field of anti-corruption.

Heri Bitamala, CEO

From mobilization campaigns to capacity building workshops at a grassroot level – it has been a busy but fruitful two years for our integrity heroes. But, the real heroes of our story are the courageous 1000 people who have join us to date.

We celebrate integrity builders who have risked their lives like Integrity Club’s members who travelled every month close to 5km from Luberizi to Tengetenge to monitor the rehabilitation of Irrigation Canal and report mismanagement in its implementation, and the Integrity Club member who compromised their school participation to expose graft at their school in Sange. We also acknowledge people like Loketo Evariste and Albert Labani, both ACRC staff members who reported several cases of corruption in road traffic in Uvira and has been continuously victimized and harassed for their assistance in helping us highlight the corruption. These are only a few examples of the courageous, but difficult journeys that our integrity heroes had to travel when facing corruption. These individuals are key to the work that we do at the Anti-Corruption Research Center (ACRC). They enable us to speak with authority of the public and to amplify the experiences of the ordinary members of our community.  Our Integrity heroes have assisted in strengthening our democracy and in ensuring that public resources are deployed in the public interest.

We are also continuously overwhelmed by the support that we receive from the general public. Many people might not have a case of corruption to report to us, but still express interest in our movement.

We are grateful to all those that have shared the fruits of our work across all social networks, have engaged with us and joined our mobilization campaigns, as well as the donations that we received in their biggest or smallest forms – we are thankful. It is through this support that we continue with our work for the next few years to come and provide a key service to the Congolese people.

2019 was a politically charged year. Corruption in presidential and legislative elections, and of governors, the overwhelming files of corruption involving the government officials are all examples of the growing dissatisfaction of the general public who are seeking change from the current state of leadership.

Heri Bitamala

Founder and Executive Director

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