Integrity Game to build children skills on Integrity and Anti-Corruption,

Playing board game can be an entertaining way for children to build key skills on some important subjects such as Integrity, Anti-Corruption, Gender Equality, and Democracy…

Integrity Action with the UNODC support have designed a Non-Electronic Game “Snakes and Ladders – INTEGRITY GAME” to educate school age student about corruption and integrity thus promoting integrity values among students. For instance, this game could help children to understand corruption and anti-corruption, inequality and inclusion or other critical thinking skills.

The game was tested in Democratic Republic of the Congo by the Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption on June 03 and 04, 2018 in one of established Integrity Club “Institut des Sciences et des Technologies de l’Informatique”.

The purpose of this game was to examine whether playing a board game can assist students in learning integrity and to strengthening integrity values ​​not only among Integrity Club members, but also among other students around the world. 5 girls and 3 boys including one Student With Disability and one from minority group and 3 Teachers volunteered to play the board game, which was followed by an evaluation consisting of 10 questions.

The fact that students increased their average scores only after playing the game indicated the game would have immediate positive effects on learning if the participants had played longer or more often, posttest scores may have been even higher.


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