MORE than 100 young people marched against corruption in South-Kivu

Uvira, 9 December 2019

MORE than a 100 young people on Monday marched to the Uvira Town Hall headquarters to hand over a memorandum of demands to the Mayor Kiza Muhato and transmit several copies to Provinvial and Central Government. The protest was organised by the Anti-Corruption Research Center in collaboration with Cercle des Jeunes dans la Region des Grands-Lacs (CEDEJ) in response to high-level corruption in education and key social sectors, and to mark International Anti-corruption Day.

The protestors led by both organisation handed over the memorandum of demands, which included a demand for government intervention in the fighting corruption in the education sector. The protestators also urged the government to rehabilitate and equip the schools to allow the little Congolese to study in the best conditions.

In the memorandum, ACRC-CEDEJ emphasises the large-scale bribery and corruption in the education sector, as revealed in the Households Corruption Survey report published by ACRC in 2017..

In receiving the memorandum of demands, the Mayor thanked the protesters for marching peacefully to the Mayor Office to make their point. “fighting corruption should not be left to the government alone but is the duty of everyone.”

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