A Memorandum of Understanding between the ACRC and MoE in Bukavu.

Bukavu, February 27, 2020 – A tripartite meeting between the ACRC, the Provincial Directorate of Education and the Provincial Ministry of Education was held with the aim of involving them in implementing anti-corruption measures in education.

Several topics were on the agenda, including government support in the implementation of the ACRC initiatives to promote integrity in society, the implementation of recommendations for quality improvement of education and the participation of the provincial ministry of education and the national ministry of education in the national workshop to be held in Kinshasa in October.

We invited the provincial ministry of education and the provincial directorate of education to support us in advocacy with the national ministry of education for the incorporation of the integrity education course and clubs. integrity in the formal education system to make anti-corruption measures in schools more sustainable.

We have had a commitment from two government bodies to support us in future advocacy activities, workshops and training at provincial level as well at national level.

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