2018 Annual Report Release

We released a 2018 Annual Report with informative achievements. We hope that you find it useful and share it with others. We are very happy with how the year is ending and thank you for all your support this year.

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Welcome from our Executive Director

““””2018 was a year that will be remembered by many as the year that the DRC elected a new President.

Meanwhile the corruption in mining sector and in electoral process in DR Congo, the devastating suicide attacks and Ebola widespread in Beni region highly registered news headlines. By the close of the year, it was hard to find much to celebrate or find hope in.

While this gloomy narrative is one that many people will recognize, we at CERC also saw many reasons to remain hopeful in 2018. In the following pages you will read some of the stories that inspired us over the year.

Our community monitors and volunteers worked tirelessly to reduce corruption and build integrity in their schools and communities, often at great personal risk, and with some exceptional results. The results are transformational for people living in communities affected by the widespread corruption. They are proof that investment in local efforts can reduce corruption and build integrity, even in some of the most difficult contexts. In many instances this work is highly scalable and replicable, but this requires willingness from international donors to shift the balance of power in favour of local integrity builders, which includes providing greater levels of funding.

This annual report, covering the period from January 2018 to December 2018, highlights progress made by Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption to create and strengthen the demand for transparency, and to catalyse positive change in policies and practices for effective control of corruption and for promotion of good governance in the country.

What follows here shows a glimpse of how we continued to intensify demand for promoting good governance, and sustained our efforts to amplify the voice against corruption, which in many cases catalysed positive changes.

I take this opportunity to commend Government leaders both at the National and local levels who have always received us with open hands and have been ready and willing to partner with us. And with this partnership, we have registered positive change.

CERC is cognizant of the fact that capacity building plays a significant role in strengthening the skills, competences and abilities of the people and communities in fighting corruption in DR Congo. Thus, CERC has been able to offer capacity building to a number of stakeholders specifically relating to transparency and accountability. As a lead Anti-Corruption organization in Eastern Congo, we deliberately initiated and or joined different networks and coalitions of likeminded organizations which collaborations we greatly recognize.

We have made significant progress, but we have a long way to go. Our confidence and inspiration rest in the credibility and integrity of what we do and more importantly in the growing public support at large, for which it is our solemn responsibility to catalyse change. Moving forward, we would sincerely welcome your ideas, critiques and suggestions to strengthen our journey ahead.

Heri Bitamala

Executive Director

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