Reaseach and Studies

CERC conducts research and analytical studies relating to corruption and lack of transparency and take a leading role in the development of anti-corruption strategies for SCOs, academia and local citizens.

Most of the CERC’s current research projects concentrate on how citizens can prevent corruption from local level through integrity building. CERC has successfully carried out a number of important research projects on topics such as Households Corruption Survey, Congo’s corruption prevention strategies, corruption prevention strategies in international aid, etc.

Promoting business integrity

CERC assists Congo’s ongoing anti-corruption campaign with high quality research on corruption control, corruption prevention and good governance. We motivate support for the sustained promotion of integrity at work to reduce corruption and malpractice by raising awareness of individuals in anti-corruption, integrity and corporate governance issues.

Effective Public service delivery

CERC seeks to increase engagements between the State, civil society and private sector to improve quality, timeliness and appropriateness of public service delivery.


Protecting your Right to Information

  • Did you know that as a citizen of a democratic nation, you have the Right to Know how your country is being governed?
  • Did you know that Freedom of information is a human right that every person possesses by virtue of being human?

CERC facilitates citizens in particular those who are poor vulnerable and frequently excluded from mainstream governance processes and institutions as result of poor access to information and training support.









In December 2017, CERC kicked off its first Integrity Clubs. This effort forms part of the activities under the “Student acting for Honesty, Integrity and Equality (SHINE) Project funded by the Integrity Action and it is to be implemented in 140 secondary schools in South-Kivu by 2021.

In attendance were motivated young leaders from all disciplines and with varying ambitions – but each with the potential to work together for a better governance in the DRC.

Integrity builders selected were 360 including motivated 20 principals, 40 teachers and 300 students in 20 secondary schools in Uvira (158 girls and 142 boys). After 4 intensive days of training for principals & teachers and 3 intensive days of training for students, including lessons that are a mixture of interactive lectures and open-ended, also with continual skill-building activities.

As result of this investment in youth, trained integrity builders continue to transform their talent into integrity leadership with monthly sessions with young people in schools and in community and bring others people into the fold.


CERC is an independent non-partisan and non-profit organization that empowers citizens, through education and civic engagement, to build transparency and accountability in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

CERC empowers citizens to fight corruption and build integrity. Our team helps young people to develop ideas – and the communities around them – that can make decision-makers more responsible.

We provide our “community monitors” with training, networking and ICT technical support. This helps them create high-impact across their communities through community awareness raising on corruption and public services and infrastructure projects monitoring.


  • A just Congo free from corruption.
  • Make CERC an excellence agency in fighting corruption in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Working with local people to stop corruption and build integrity, through education and civic engagement. We empower citizens to stop corruption by building integrity, through education, awareness raising and civic engagement. Our team helps youth to develop ideas – and the communities around them – that can make decision-makers more responsible. This helps them achieve a high-impact across their communities through community awareness raising on corruption in public services and infrastructure projects.


Heri Bitamala
Heri BitamalaExecutive Director
Hawa Kangeta Daniella
Hawa Kangeta DaniellaAdministrative Secretary and Logistics Manager
Albert Msambya Labani
Albert Msambya LabaniExecutive Assistant in charge of Administration, Advocacy and Policy Engagement
Bitundwa Ruhindisha Bernardin
Bitundwa Ruhindisha BernardinProject Coordinator and Legal Advisor
Dembo Akandjadi Mamie
Dembo Akandjadi MamieCommunication and GESI Officer
Byalukiza Kanana Leon
Byalukiza Kanana LeonMonitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer
Loketo Evariste Ours
Loketo Evariste OursCoordinateur de projet
Saleh Bitendelo Gerard
Saleh Bitendelo GerardFinance Manager ang GESI advisor


Help School Children to build Integrity and Equality in Education Sector

Education for all
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This project aims to create "Integrity Clubs" in 10 secondary schools and provide intensive anti-corruption trainings benefiting 180 high school children. This will enable them to be active agents of positive change championing anti-corruption and transparency by using technology to monitor the implementation of education projects and services and support them to collaborate with stakeholders to make sure problems are fixed.


Corruption hampers all development efforts, but it is a debilitating presence in the education sector, undermining the goal of ensuring that all children and youth go to school and learn. In a country where international aid is meant to improve the quality of life, corruption denies this and can put future funding in jeopardy.

Examples of corruption in education abound. Academic fraud, for instance, is rife and is regarded as a serious threat to integrity and reliability of certification in secondary education. Procurement wastage in the education sector, including school buildings, false maintenance costs and text books paid for but never received, costs the public dearly. And “ghost” or absentee teachers who feature on the list of active teachers in schools are a huge drain on parent’s pending (school fees in DRC are paid by parents). As a result, educational performance among the poorest populations is severely hampered and the system’s ability to deliver is harmed.

Ensuring that educational funds are invested and administered in a fair and transparent manner protects a country’s most valuable asset, its children. If Young people come to believe that school or university admission and marks can be bought, a country’s economic and political future is in jeopardy and this entrenches a culture of corruption. Students may graduate with poor skills and thus contribute less to the economy and public sector.

Young people have the potential to drive real change as today’s citizens and tomorrow’s leaders. Many young people are passionate about creating a better society in their communities. To act on their values, they need the skills and knowledge.

Your support will ensure that youth are trained and informed about their rights and obligations; are responsible and active community actions; understand how to engage and voice their interests to key stakeholders; and act collectively to hold public officials accountable thus enabled millions of children to receives a high standard of education, access to clean drinking water…



Do you know that Analphabetism, Poverty and hunger are often the result of corruption?

The answer, we believe, lies with the children. “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Through our Integrity Building programme , we seek to equip them with good values at a stage when their character is formed can help reduce the likelihood of children growing up to become corrupt.



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